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Live Zoom Parent Interest Meeting Available Upon Request

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Presenter-Shauntelle Modeste
Learn more about Mrs. Modeste here.

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After attending the "How To Transition To Online Private Homeschool" Live Zoom Sessions.

"My daughter is 10 years old and since kindergarten, I just knew I was going to be in Mama Bear mode. She has Autism, speech and Global Developmental Delay, and ADD. Her previous teachers didn’t make me feel like my daughter was important to them. One teacher neglected her while the other teachers academically abused my child. They didn’t support her by giving her time to grasp the material or wait time to comprehend, they just moved on to the next lesson. I never knew what she was learning because there was no homework. The lack of communication was not there until the IEP meetings that was unbearable to hear as a parent. 


Last December, Jasmine had Covid. The emergency doctor told me that it might be best for her to stay home since it extremely affected her asthma. Without the precautions of giving her her medications, she probably would have died. As a parent, there was no other choice. I had to homeschool her, but how? I have many things to do at home (I work virtually) and because we have tried homeschooling before and it didn’t work, I needed to find a virtual program. 

She attended classes on a platform in which she loved but for me, I need more for her. Here was my list: 

-Live Virtual classes with other children 

-Christian curriculum 

-Supports children’s learning path 

-Friendly vibe 

-Small groups 

-Structure programs 

-African-American or respect of my child being Black 

Ahead of the Curve Homeschool Academy meets all on my list! The bonus was that Mrs. Shauntelle Modeste was a certified Reading Specialist for many years. What made me keep asking questions and within two weeks enrolling Jasmine into the school was her warmth and passion about supporting Jasmine as the Whole Child through Christian standards. I felt that on the phone. Then, when I attended the webinar for parents, Mrs Modeste expressed that children will learn best when they believe, have faith, and know the educators and fellow classmates cares. This is so true. Jasmine have demonstrated during her time in the public school system that she does not do her best but at home, it’s different because she sensed her teacher’s lack of interest in her. 

Although, I have not seen Mrs Modeste in person as of yet, we have a verbal contract of the standards. Collaboration between home and school is so important. I believe her. I trust her. Her daughter’s story is beautiful and the same God who did it for her daughter and me, HE can do the impossible for Jasmine, too. I knew this but  just needed a teacher to be in my corner and I found her! 

I highly recommend you taking the first step by contacting the school. Then attending the parent/guardian webinar. I know, we are scared to “trust” another teacher. I get it. Yet, what makes me trust Mrs Modeste before Jasmine starts school are the similarities of my mom and her have as parents. They both saw a need of their daughters and then their daughters found their abilities to prove society wrong.  I figured what better role model as a teacher for Jasmine to have while she continues to hear her mom, grandma, and dad cheering her along the way."  -Jacquece

If you can't make an upcoming session or interested in more details in the meantime please access our info e-guide here!

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