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As a parent who might be pondering whether or not you should take this leap of faith with Ahead Of The Curve Homeschool Academy in your child’s next academic journey, “I hear you!”

I was there not very long ago. As a mother and certified teacher, I was concerned whether or not my child would have the most effective learning tools that would position her for greatness and success later on in life.

Four years ago I was growing concerned that her academic, spiritual, intellectual needs were not being met.

So, like you, I took a “leap of faith” and decided to provide a home-centered education.

Learning Framework

Your child might need the same learning framework I created for her: High Expectations, Exposure to Challenging Literature, Affirmation, and Tenacity (H.E.A.T.)

I believe that by partnering with Ahead Of The Curve Homeschool Academy your child will be set on a path to excellence with experienced educators who have a heart for high achievement and great attention to the student’s whole selves.
It still takes a village……..Let’s return to excellence in education!

Welcome to your child’s next successful chapter in his or her academic journey!

Mission Statement
To provide a learning environment that reaches the spiritual, intellectual, and academic needs of all students. Vision- Our vision is to build strong creative minds who desire to never stop learning. It our goal to instill good values, virtues, and Godly wisdom into each and every child.

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