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Welcome to Ahead Of The Curve Homeschool Academy!
Founded 2021


Welcome Parents and Students! 

Serving homeschool students Grades 3rd-8th Virtually
Flexible Schedule With Live Instruction, Grading, and Academic Accountability Weekly

Ahead Of The Curve Homeschool Academy was founded by Shauntelle Modeste of Lewisville, Texas in 2021. After serving as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, and teacher trainer in the public schools she knew she wanted to serve in a private setting as a tutor to reach underserved students who were seeking an alternative to public school.


Modeste began a private tutor business, then started homeschooling her daughter alongside other bright kids from her home in Texas.


When Covid hit the nation, she was led to open the virtual doors of AOTCHA and has since served a multitude of students from around the country.


In addition, to our school Mrs. Modeste provides progams for students and parents which can be found here.

AOTCHA serves wonderful, diverse families across the U.S. online. We provide personalized reading, writing, science, social studies, and math classes in a supportive and challenging environment.

Our live weekly online classes and flexible independent self-paced studies are perfect for upper and middle school homeschoolers seeking a structured, engaging learning environment taught by certified educators. In addition to online learning, we offer field trip opportunities for local students in the DFW area.


This is the only online learning of its kind that helps often overlooked, yet bright students become confident and excellent students through engaging, high-quality, and focused lessons and instruction via zoom.

Utilizing a classically inspired model with full instructors support, grading, and feedback. Students will have access inside a private LMS (learning management system) to view downloadable assignments, videos, and lectures in addition to live classes.


The standard class size averages 5-10. Bright minds deserve a robust, focused, accountable education that lays the groundwork for challenging coursework now and future college work.  

Together students will explore high quality literature, poetry, and comprehensive history that trains the mind for disciplined and critical thinking during teacher-led live classes.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a learning environment that reaches the spiritual, intellectual, and academic needs of all students. Our vision is to build strong creative minds who desire to never stop learning. It's our goal to instill good values, virtues, and Godly wisdom into each and every child. 

Live Online Classes & Office Hours

In the live online classes, learners are part of an engaging learning experience with students from across the United States and around the world. Students will log in to the zoom portal once-a-week on Tuesdays and join the certified instructor and classmates for discussion and peer learning.

Full-time students (those who have registered for ALL classes offered in our program) will have classes from 9:00am CT to 3:00pm CT.  Breaks will be provided throughout the day.

During live classes students will have the opportunity to dialogue and learn from other wise peers, listen to lectures on the subject matter, and engage in fun, interactive learning games to enhance retention of content. 

The remaining of the week students will work independently and submit assignments in the google classroom portal to be graded. Students become active members of a learning community that explores the content with a certified teacher leading the way.

The learner is also able to collaborate with their peers and grow in their learning through various instructional activities. 

Office hours will be provided as requested by the student for individual help outside of live classes.


Contact Mrs. Modeste for available times to


Email communication is encouraged to expedite a prompt response for students (or parents) with any questions.


We have an open enrollment policy. However, students who are planning a full year with AOTHCA is encouraged to begin registering for the fall classes to resume in August are encouraged to register during the prior spring and summer months. 

Tuition and Fees

Full tuition per month is $325 for all classes (or $385 if you are adding Math). Unfortunately, we do not offer student discounts. We believe that the highly qualified teaching staff deserves to be fully compensated as they serve students at the highest level.


Tuition payment funds live, interactive instruction from excellent teaching staff who provides ongoing individualized grading and feedback. 

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: We collect a nonrefundable $30 administrative fee per student with first tuition payment only. If you select a payment plan, you are not charged this fee on subsequent payments, only the initial order. This fee helps us to cover the administrative and technology costs necessary to support your child’s education.

What transformational change did your child gain from Ahead Of The Curve Homeschool Academy?

After researching for a better online placement program for my son, I came across a social media post for Ahead of the Curve Homeschool Academy and reached out for more information.  Upon speaking with the Founder and Director, I knew I found the place for my son to continue his homeschool journey based on the knowledge, skill set, curriculum overview, and professional and personal touch of Ms. Modeste.  We had tried a few other online programs and none were up to the standard, feel, nor knew how to relate to homeschooled students like Ms. Modeste. The teaching services are delivered in such a personal and relatable way and tailored to each student making all the difference in their confidence as students and what they are able to produce in their work efforts.  What my son retained and learned he could share with others and it showed he truly believed in his learning skills and he knew not just memorized materials.   The curriculum for the middle school program was above grade and allowed each student to reach their own potential rather than be pushed or held back because of ‘teaching to the test’ or other students’ abilities.  The caliber of lessons, assignments, and supplemental reinforcements were enhancements to the lessons. As a homeschool parent, you want to partner with instructors who align with your teaching philosophy and Ms. Modeste is the epitome of professionalism, brilliant at her delivery, and communication was always direct and timely. After attending Ahead of the Curve Academy, my son’s confidence in presenting information he researched and learned increased and improved greatly.  He now speaks up more and volunteers to lead in youth group discussions. His writing is above grade level as indicated by his recent end-of-the-year evaluations and testing. Ahead of the Curve Academy was a direct impact on increasing and improving his writing caliber, ability, and confidence. " 

Mother of 8th grade student of AOTHCHA


"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction."
Proverbs 1:7

Meet the Founder,

Shauntelle Modeste 

As a former classroom teacher and reading expert Shauntelle Modeste desired to start her own exceptional school! She established Ahead Of The Curve Homeschool Academy (AOTCHA), with her expertise as a 20+ year educator, her faith, and a desire to give an excellent education to her daughter and other students.

The online AOTCHA opened its virtual doors (after starting in Mrs. Modeste's home four years earlier) in 2021 for children in grades 4th -8th from homeschooling and non-homeschooling backgrounds who are looking for an addition to their present homeschool or an alternative to other traditional public, private, or charter school education, AOTCHA provides an online school.

With grading and student comments that track academic improvement, they provide 100% teacher-led academic sessions through Zoom.


AOTHCA makes sure to be by your side every step of the way to ensure that every child experience academic achievement and enjoys learning in a supportive environment.

Make the right choice for your children today and contact Ms. Shauntelle!


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Teen Prayer Group

What Sets Us APART

  • We start each day in prayer.

  • All students' academic needs are met where he/she is.

  • Assignments from textbooks or online platforms are graded.

  • Low teacher to student ratio.No more than 10 students per class.

  • Interactive zoom classes with built in small group learning. 

  • Families and students enjoy flexible schedules to travel without interruption to learning.

  • Students are assured they "matter" and academic concerns are met in a loving way.

  • Students engage in a variety of literature that increases love and understanding of people from different backgrounds and cultures from all people from past to present.

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School Children
My grandchildren have learned and grown tremendously in this Academy under your teaching. They have regained their zeal for learning (school)! Thank you, Mrs. Modeste, for being a phenomenal teacher. I have seen the difference in my grandchildren .

Mrs. Cooper, Grandmother

If you are interested in joining a thriving and loving community with other great children, please contact us in one of the following ways.                   





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